Software Engineer - Python Developer

Timisoara, Timis, Romania


Are you passionate about games?
We are too. And we need help in building some amazing globally scalable multiplayer games for facebook and mobile devices

After weeks of testing the best server technologies we decided Python is the best fit. And we need a really passionate hardcore python developer to help us bring zen into the backend

If you:
follow The Zen of Python
love the Pythonic Way
have a solid Python background
know your code
are not afraid of The Cloud(s)
enjoy working with Passionate colleagues
always want to be Challenged
resonate with the Startup Mentality

You should apply and amaze us with:
your passion
your drive to succeed
your great projects
your team spirit
your starcraft skills

We are sure you won’t mind:
one of the coolest places to work in town
the flat organizational structure
the flexible program
the personal development budget
the macbook pro with retina display
the 27” dell display
the embody from herman miller
the starbucks coffee
the free drinks (including beers)
the gaming hours